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Family Law Issues and Advice: Marriage and Children

Marriage and children are two of the most common topics when it comes to family law. Whether you are considering getting married, are currently going through a divorce, or are dealing with child custody issues, there is a lot to consider from a legal standpoint. This blog post will provide some general information and advice

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5 Business Laws and Acts Every Entrepreneur Should Know

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you must be well-versed in the laws and regulations that apply to your business. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, so you must take the time to educate yourself on the legalities of running a business. To help you get started, here are some business laws and

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A short guide to manslaughter law in the UK

In the UK, homicide law is exceedingly complicated, which is a good thing in most cases. As trials and the laws that surround homicide intend to look through every aspect of the case, such as intentionality, diminished responsibility, suicide pacts, drugs and so on. However, if you find that you have been charged with murder

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The Legal Consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

About 1.5 million people were arrested each year on average for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That translates to one out of every 121 licensed drivers being arrested for drunk driving. As a driver, you are responsible for operating your vehicle safely and within

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Legalities Surrounding Employee Hiring that You Should Be Aware Of

It’s no secret that finding the right employees is essential to the success of any business. You want to find top talent to help your business achieve its goals, but you also need to ensure that you’re following the law in terms of hiring. With all the legalities surrounding employee hiring, it can be challenging

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Legal Consequences of Alcoholism and Addiction

It’s no secret that addiction can lead to many problems in a person’s life, including financial instability, relationship difficulties, and health problems. But what many people don’t realize is that addiction can also have serious legal repercussions. There are a variety of laws in place that aim to crack down on those who abuse drugs

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Things to Consider When Opening a Gun Store

Opening a gun store can be a lucrative business venture. However, there are several things to consider before opening up a shop. In this article, we will discuss some of the key factors to keep in mind when starting a gun store. Calculate how much rent will be. One of the most important considerations when

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Is Your Business in Compliance with the Law?

Are you in compliance with the law? It’s a question that all business owners should ask themselves, especially as new laws are passed now and then. Staying on top of the latest regulations can be difficult, but it’s essential for protecting your business. So what legal aspects are necessary to make sure your company is

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Understanding the Basics of Personal Injury Cases

Did you know that personal injury cases are prevalent? Yes, accidents inevitably happen to a lot of people. In fact, about 1.3 billion people die each year due to road accidents. Along with these are the 30 million people suffering from non-fatal injuries every year. That is not to mention the 2.8 million injury cases in the workplace in 2019 alone.

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Getting a grasp on what divorce solicitors in Guildford can do to help

Relieving the pressure Divorces and separations are often some of the hardest things a couple can go through, especially in instances where complex financial matters or child custody must be resolved. Helping clients manage these tough decisions is a massive part of what divorce solicitors in Guildford do. The following article will shed some light

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