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Truck driver smiling

How to Apply for Your First Truck Driving Job

Driving is not a joke, especially if you drive huge vehicles such as trucks and buses. You would be transporting important stuff (for trucks) and actual live humans (for buses), which means you have a huge responsibility on your shoulder. If you are planning on applying for a truck driving job, but do not have

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Cardboard family over grass

A “Small” Move: What Downsizing Can Bring You

The sign of opulence is often demonstrated in big houses and expansive gardens, and that is what everybody wants to achieve. It is the epitome of comfort, luxurious living, and pride. But is it? With the paradigm shifts in lifestyle and the rise of the culture of minimalism, more people are making the “small” move

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divorce agreement being signed

Divorce Versus Annulment: What’s The Difference?

There are countries where the only legal option for separation is an annulment. An example of this is the Philippines, a country where divorce is still illegal and quite frankly, impossible. Luckily for other countries like the US, divorce is an option for areas like Santa Fe, NM. A ton of people might be asking

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