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In the Midst of Disputes: Finding Resolution

When resolving disputes legally, several methods can be done. The most known way is through judicial trials. A trial happens before a judge and a jury; a case is presented, and it involves witnesses and evidence. A case is brought to court when it involves unsettled questions of law. However, a judicial trial is not the

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car crash

Company Car: What Happens When It is Involved in a Crash?

In an office, it is the employer who usually provides the equipment and tools needed for employees to perform their tasks well. So, for those who work outside of the office, it would only be natural that employers provide employees with company cars. Driving a company car is a benefit that a lot of adults

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What to Do If You’re in a Store That’s Being Robbed

Criminals aren’t picky these days, and robberies can happen anywhere at any time. Whether it’s in an expensive boutique or a small convenience store at the street corner, the chances of getting caught up in a robbery are never zero; yes, even if you are in a relatively “safe” neighborhood. With this in mind, it

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lawyer and client

Do I Need a Lawyer? Situations That Require You to Hire One.

In general, not all legal issues require the assistance of a lawyer. However, in many other cases, including a legal argument, challenge, or transaction, you may prefer to avoid the dangers of heading it alone without seeking advice from experienced counsel. A study from the American Bar Foundation found that almost 80% of the time, individuals

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lawyers having a conversation

Critical Legal Topics You Can Consider for Discussions

The law has always been an integral part of society. From the beginnings of modern civilizations, legal systems have defined not only the way people behave but also the consequences of their actions. Today, many legal branches determine the outcomes in most areas and walks of life. For example, there is family law, a system

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mother and daughter

How to Prepare Your Kids for Independence

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you raise your kid well enough to be ready for the world. Their growth and development will depend on your efforts and patience, and almost every aspect of your life will change as you prioritize your child’s needs over yourself. Your responsibilities range from changing

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Business in Greenwood, Indiana

Common Causes of Lawsuits Filed Against Employers

It is not uncommon for employees to sue their employers, either as individuals or as a union. All employees have rights that their employers must uphold, and when the employers fail to do so, it can result in a lawsuit that may or may not be covered by business insurance. Moreover, if there are more

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Money-Saving Tricks to Control Costs as an Owner-Operator

Being an owner-operator and running a trucking business is expensive, especially when you’re handling several trucks—and when you add things like fuel, market, rates, and the weather to the mix, it can become a costly journey. It’s no wonder it requires a focused mind to drive trucks. That said, if you’re an owner-operator and are running your

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termination concept

Wrongful Termination: Can a Company Fire You Without Warning?

A workplace should be a peaceful place where an employer and employee share goals. It is a two-way street where both parties should be happy and satisfied. Employees must complete tasks and in a quality manner. Punctuality and professionalism are values that everyone must show. Meanwhile, leaders and bosses have to supervise the performance of

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