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Business in Greenwood, Indiana

A Step Ahead: Why You Should Start a Business in Greenwood, Indiana

Starting a small business can be a pretty big decision in life. What might have started as a casual idea which you’ve been chewing on, or floating in discussions with friends and family, can end up becoming a full-time endeavor that takes up much of your time and energy in your dealings with clients, employees,

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lawyer and client

Why You Need a Lawyer for Misdemeanor Crimes

Strictly speaking, the word “misdemeanor” refers to minor wrongdoing. In the eyes of the law, such acts are treated similarly as well. Misdemeanor crimes refer to “lesser” criminal acts that are typically punished much less severely than felonies. Examples of misdemeanor crimes include driving under the influence, burglary, and obscenity. The typical punishment for a

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Conflict between man and woman sitting on either side of a wall

Headed to Splitsville: Fights that End Marriages

When one’s marriage is on the rocks, the inevitable question crops up: “Where did we go wrong?” Usually, the answer isn’t simple. Not only one issue rocked the boat. Instead, many arguments piled up over the years. What’s sadder is that the issues that usually end marriage spill over to life after divorce, creating a

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hand covering a miniature house from the water

How to Protect Your Assets Against Risks

After years of hard work, you have finally amassed a significant number of assets. You have more than enough to live comfortably for the rest of your life while also providing the same comfort to your family. However, if you fail to protect your assets, you might end up with nothing in the event of

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Tax Law

A Closer Look at the Impact of Tax Refund on American Families

Americans are feeling the effects of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as they file their 2018 taxes. Some of them were disappointed after receiving a smaller refund than they anticipated, while others received unexpected tax bills. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data, however, shows that the average refund for 2019 is now on

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coworkers arguing

Deafening Silence: What to Do When HR Ignores Your Discrimination Complaints

Charges of workplace discrimination have decreased recently, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) latest Enforcement and Litigation Data. There were over 76,418 charges of workplace discrimination that the EEOC received in 2018, a decline from 84,254 cases filed in 2017. Despite the overall downturn of cases, sexual harassment cases saw a 13.6%

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Couple with real estate agent visiting the house

Methods of Compensating Real Estate Agents

Buying or selling of property seems like a straightforward process of identifying the best choice and making payment. Real estate investments are unfortunately not this easy. There are various professionals needed at different steps of the transaction to guarantee it meets set regulations. One of the key professionals in real estate transactions nowadays is a

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divorce policy being discussed

Getting a Divorce: Can a Lawyer Help You Decide?

When deciding to end your marriage, only you or your spouse can determine if calling it quits is the right answer. You cannot just contact a lawyer to find out if you need to pursue a divorce, as only you (or your partner) can decide whether the relationship is over or not. You can explore

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a family talking with a family solicitor

Why Get Estate Planning Advice from a Family Solicitor

Basic estate planning is advisable for people who want to ensure that their legacy is protected. You don’t have to be at an advanced age to get your affairs in order. Planning for the future distribution of assets is not exclusive to the very wealthy. If you want to protect your family, spare them tax-related

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