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a man wearing a suit, with handcuffs in his wrists

The Elements of a False Imprisonment Charge

In the event that an individual unlawfully detained another individual, this might be considered false imprisonment, also known as wrongful imprisonment, criminal confinement, or criminal restraint. Put simply, false imprisonment involves detaining another individual against their will, with the alleged offender intending to detain the falsely imprisoned individual without lawful authority. However, proving false imprisonment

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truck in motion releasing too much smoke

How Improper Truck Maintenance Causes Accidents

Trucking companies are legally tasked with ensuring that their commercial vehicles are properly inspected and maintained for enhanced safety while in transit. The sheer weight of the trucks and the speed at which they travel ultimately could lead to their breakdown, making it essential to conduct routine maintenance. Unfortunately, trucking companies are not always proactive

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Construction site view from above

Different Types of Lift Injuries

From ferrying workers to the top of skyscrapers to allowing people with disability access higher office spaces, lifts have rapidly evolved from a luxury to a necessity. However, have you ever wondered what would happen if you got stuck in a lift or the cables snapped and the whole thing went down? While such occurrences

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Sad child with divorsed parents

Not So Privileged: Why Wealthier Kids Take Divorce Harder Than the Others

Everybody knows that divorce hits children the most what’s. What’s not so often talked about though is the fact that its impact varies among kids, particularly among different social classes. Apparently, children who come from high-income families are more likely to take the divorce the hardest. They bear the worst of tendencies coming out of

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